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I will upload some art here in a week ^_^ comment please if you missed me


that-metro-kid's Profile Picture
Name: Shelby
Sex: female
Age: 17
Birthdate: 3-23-2016

I was one of the first born in the home metro station, damned if I could remember the name I would
But we had to move again, it seems like I spent most my life moving station to station, once we, as in me and my Mom had to move to a new station, my dad, I never knew what happened to him but I got the feeling my Mom always knew but wouldn't tell me
Well on the way to the station we were on a Railcar with a couple Stalkers, along the way to the station a pack of Watchmen attacked the Trolly, the stalkers fended them off the most But at the beginning the Watchmen got to some of the people, including my mother, I was only 4 at the time, the Stalkers knew a few people in the Next few stations and they knew My mother was dead and asked where was my Father, I told them "I didn't know" and one of the Guys took me up and brought me along saying "they were headed that way anyway" and dropped me off with my new Family, they grew Mushrooms and could hardly care for a kid, but I helped them grow the mushrooms as gratitude for a few years, a few years ago, when I was Twelve explored the Western Tunnels past the guards posted there and found a old Maintenance room a while off the tunnels, the tunnel was good almost nothing there, If your wondering why I explored so far out, it's because a few stalkers and mercs were payed to clear the tunnels surrounding theStation"
I worked on buying and moving stuff there for a while, a few years ago when I was Fifteen I moved here with a few jars to grow mushrooms and sometimes I cook whatever I can get here, sometimes I stop a caravan along here and trade supplies, but the Spider-bugs have take to keeping me here and the Caravans away, well at least I can find them better now, see a light at the end of the tunnel, it's most likely a Caravan
See Rin? That's the lil fox I bought off a caravan, damn, I didn't even think Foxes were still alive after the war, well the worlds full of surprises, as I heard one person say, I think a ranger. Maybe, wellll anyway that's about it, I grow mushrooms, have a few lamps and a lil fox and that's it

its good to have friends, and good bait

I will never leave you, under fire or under attacked, I rather die with you

want some mushrooms, their good, I promise!

I hope the spiders get you, because I don't wanna know what'll happen when I find you

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